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Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download


Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download is a programmable web browser plugin that enables features such as animation, vector graphics and audio-video playback so you can experience rich Internet applications. Microsoft Silverlight offers a flexible programming model that supports AJAX, VB, C#, Python, and Ruby, and integrates with existing Web applications. It supports fast, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video to all major browsers running on the Mac OS or Windows. Microsoft Silverlight is a lightweight plug-in that allows you to watch Silverlight-based content in your browser.

The most important improvements to the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application are smoother streaming, DRM management, and an out-of browser player. The out-of browser player however is dependent on developers embracing it and as yet, there are few examples available. The smooth streaming feature will iron out many of the streaming problems that have plagued Silverlight in the past. If your bandwidth drops below 3Mbps, smooth streaming will kick-in so that your video isn't affected.

The signs are, however, that Microsoft has already realized that the battle for web content is being won by the much slicker and more stable Adobe Air platform, and is therefore aiming Silverlight Application at business users. The Silverlight 5.1.30514 homepage boasts: 'Learn how to Download Microsoft Silverlight Application is right for your business'. It points out that companies such as Continental Airlines have adopted Microsoft Silverlight for use in their reservation system showing that Microsoft knows which side its bread is buttered on.

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download and it is a cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Now with new mobile device focused implementations of Silverlight, developers and designers can easily take existing code, assets, skills, and tools and deliver superior user experiences on mobile devices. With initial support for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 (including any S60 based handset) mobile operating systems Microsoft Silverlight provides broad reach into the mobile space.

What's Microsoft Silverlight New Version:

Fixes issue where a Silverlight application that uses tab-switched controls exhibits a memory leak when you switch between tabs or pages in the application.

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514 Application Download


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